Memorial Pages

How can a memorial page help you at your time of loss?

It allows you to acknowledge the loss of your loved one.
It is a memorial that is COVID safe.
You can collect your memories in one place.
There is a place to go to remember your loved one.
You can invite others to view and contribute.
Allows people to give and receive support.
Validates life as precious. 

Why Shine On Life Memories for your memorial webpage?

Basic memorial page FREE. Quick, up in no time.

Build memories with pictures, videos and audio
Simple to set up a visually pleasing design and easy to manipulate changes and updates.
You will have the support of me: a senior friendly, patient mentor.
There are 3 levels of privacy for webpage you choose: private, friends and family or public. 
Your webpage will reflect your families’ values and represent you and/or your loved one authentically.
Capacity for multiple owners assures that website will be passed down through generations and not be forgotten.

See an example here of a page I made for my dad. Please contact me for more information on getting your FREE memorial page.

Mary Anne Jaedicke

Certified Life Celebrant