Celebrations of Life

Allow me the privilege of
helping you with
shining love on your

forever life memories

Celebrations of Life
Greif Companionship
Forever Photo Storage
Memorial Web Pages
Memorial Keepsakes
Candle Ceremonies
Graveside Services
Anniversary Memorials
CARE Circle Gatherings

Celebrations of Life

Every live is worth celebrating.

Together we will design a service which suits your loved on and facilitates the needs of your family. Any place, any time.

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Memorial Web Pages

Life Celebrated with Photos, Audio, Videos and Stories

A memorial web page is the special venue for sharing your loved one and
the memorable times you have had together.

It is the perfect addition or alternative to celebration of life or funeral.
Share your loved one and gather the precious memories of others.

Having spread the ashes; no cemetary placement?
A memorial web page can give you a place to go and visit your person.

Use a private page for reflection and journaling. Have a friends and family page to share and collect memories. They are interchangeable as you choose; meaning you can start by making a private site, send it out to friends and family to collect their input and draw it back to private. Do this as many times as you wish.

Start your own web page and use it as a private place to collect your favorite pictures and tell your story. Assign a alternate host and when you pass they can use this legacy to share as a Celebration of Life. You decide what you want people to see.

Web pages can be private, shared with friends and family or made public. They can be forever or you can choose to discontinue. You choose. No ads, ever.

Click here to see a sample. It is a page I made for my father. It really helped me process my grief.

Memorial Keepsakes

A keepsake is a trigger, they are memorials used to remind us of the gift of memories. It is comforting to be in the presence of these keepsakes and to try to maintain the memories they embody. Sometimes these items belonged to our special people. Many people choose to create death keepsakes to remember those they have lost and to give them as memorial gifts for friends and family.

Candle Ceremonies

Specialized to symbolize your beliefs. I specialize in a Chakra Candle Celebration. Also, often perform Christian light ceremonies.

Graveside Service

If you are planning an inurnment it is the perfect opportunity to have a Celebration of Life. It can contain the basic elements of gathering, tributes, music, ceremony and keepsakes. As it is outside it can conform with the strictest of COVID restrictions.

Anniversary Memorial

Grief expert Dr. Alan Wolfelt says, “Ceremony helps grieving people heal.
And multiple ceremonies are especially helpful in supporting families
through complicated loss circumstances such as yours. For example, you
might have an online ceremony now followed by a full ceremony and
gathering later this year and then a smaller graveside or scattering
ceremony on the anniversary of the death. You will find that each time
you hold a ceremony, your grief softens and integrates into your
ongoing life a bit more.”

CARE Circle Gathering

C – Companions
A – Active Listening
R – Respect
E – Explore

I facilitate these gatherings as a chance to share joy and sorrow in a safe environment. These gatherings with friends and/or family are very healing.

Mary Anne Jaedicke