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Grieving Through Recollection-Lost and alone with your losses? Grief does not go until you walk through it. Let me show how you can memorialize your loved ones; even people who passed years ago.  Pay your respects with a gathering and a memorial page or without leaving home; honor your loved one and your forever memories with a memorial page. It can be private, for your eyes only or you can choose who to share with and allow contributions to be made to the memorial page.
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“Grief shared is halved.  Joy shared is doubled.” Honduran Proverb

What’s Your Story?When you pass what will happen to your pictures and other keepsakes? Will your family be overwhelmed by the task of organizing this legacy.  Store, organize and share your photos, videos, movies, slides and audio in a way that will invoke joy!  Digital downsize your photos. It’s easy when you have a mentor, that’s me.

Mary Anne Jaedicke

“I met Mary Anne when I was at a low point in my life as I had just lost my husband of 33 years. She was that ray of sunshine that gave me that glimmer of hope that I needed so badly. She guided me through the planning of my husband’s Celebration of Life, using her expertise and intuitive instincts to make his day so special for me. I would strongly recommend Mary Anne’s services for meeting and excelling your expectations during that difficult time in your life. She remains forever a dear friend of mine.”

Sharon Martin