No Amount of Darkness Can Hide a Single Spark of Light

Mary Anne Jaedicke – Certified Life Celebrant
Balancing Joy and Sorrow

Facilitates the light with positive comfortability

A Service Facilitator- Assist in the planning and officiating memorials suited to family. No more stuffy cookie cutter services, Celebrations of Life.  Also, leading larger yearly group memorials.

A Grief Companion-Sit in the mud with the bereaved. Listen with empathetic ear.

A Patient Mentor-Coach people to create memorial webpages and store life stories. These function simply once you understand and I will stay with you until you do. I have worked with beginner computer users and I am told I am very patient.

Special Skills

·  Trained Life Celebrant – In-Sight Institute 2008

·  Co-Facilitated Bereavement Support Groups – Linda Aris.

·  Planned and Facilitated CARE Circles

·  Designed Get Online, a program intended to help seniors become virtually connected.

·  More than 10 years working in Senior’s Recreation

·  Professional Special Event Planner

·  Computer Graphic Artist

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